Actress Payal Malik’s new web series “A Trip” will soon be launched on an OTT platform


Talented people have benefited greatly from the mass appeal of social media. This is a largely unknown aspect as ordinary people view social media as the passing of time. It has now become a quick way to draw attention to your talents. Fans of actors can skip the long audition lines and show off their skills without facing challenges in the traditional way. It helps them grab acting opportunities even without having big names in the entertainment industry. Actress Payal Malik is one such person from a simple middle-class family. Payal Malik is one of the most followed Indian women on social media. She was also recently cast for a role in a “A Trip” web series.

People are amazed at how Payal got an acting break without having any connection to the big wigs in the industry. Well, Payal’s hard work and courage are the answers. The same hard work has helped her become a fan favorite. She currently has 1.8 million followers. Audiences enjoyed Payal’s videos which feature romance, humor, fun times with his family, makeup tips, and fitness inspiration. Since Payal started posting lip-syncing videos on TikTok, her expression and gorgeous looks have been the center of attention. Now Payal will be seen on an OTT platform and she is hopeful that she will fully meet her fans’ expectations.

Payal’s huge YouTube subscriber list is also proof of his talent and popularity. She shares videos on YouTube through her “Family fitness” channel. These videos are mainly focused on his beautiful family, his light moments in life and his inspiration for fitness. Payal kills all kinds of looks with her charming face, expressive eyes, and fabulous tattoos that she sports on her body. Her husband is also a popular Instagram star. Besides her husband Armaan Malik, her videos also feature her son Chirayu Malik. The followers pour immense love on their beautiful family bond.

It takes tremendous discipline and dedication to get this far. Payal has overcome many obstacles to be here. She works almost 14 hours a day. Payal says the world may think it’s okay to post videos on social media, but it takes a lot of effort to think about the themes of the videos, shoot them, edit them, and then post them. She also said that engaging with the public is another task that takes the majority of the time.

The songs by Payal, Yamraj and Machis went viral upon launch. She also expects to create a buzz again with her upcoming music videos.

Talking about his feelings about the recent acting opportunity, Payal brought tears to his eyes. She said she had always wanted such an opportunity and was eternally grateful that she made it happen. She just expects to do her best and impress her fans.

We wish him good luck.

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