Best sites to watch football highlights if you missed the game


If you missed the soccer game and wondering on the internet to get the source to catch the game, your trip ends here. In this article, you will get what you were looking for on the internet. So, now is the time to look at the best websites and online platforms that will let you watch the missed moment of the football game.

Football is one of the most demanding sports in the world which provides fun and excitement for fans. There are millions of football fans who support their team and are eager to do everything to see the glory of their team. Without a doubt, watching a football game live is the best time to enjoy life, but sometimes fans miss it due to unwanted circumstances.

The highlights of football allow you to experience the fun and excitement that you missed during the game live. It’s a pre-recorded video that shows the best moments, and the same will please your heart and soul.

If you are also a die-hard football fan and missed your favorite game, here you will get the list of some websites where you can watch the highlights of the football game.

So, without further ado, let’s look at the best sites to watch football highlights.

Top 7 Sites to Watch Football Highlights


Youtube is the best platform for fun, be it movies, videos, songs, events or sports. Many football-loving YouTubers post the magical moment of past football matches on their channel.

All you need to do is type the name of the missed football match in the search bar and press the enter key. Soon you will get the list of videos, play the one that meets your needs.

However, if you know a YouTuber who only posts football matches, you can go straight to their YouTube channel for the best moments. No doubt, on this platform, you will be able to watch your favorite match anytime, anywhere.


Buaksib is a Thai website where you can get all the details of the missed match, such as highlights, football news, live results and information about upcoming matches, and much more.

After landing on the Buaksib website, translate the content from Thai to English, and Google Translate will do that job. At the top of the menu bar you will get the soccer league list, click on it, then go to the highlights section and play the video.

Daily movement

Daily Motion is one of the best entertainment platform where you can enjoy the missed moment of soccer games, events, TV series and many more. You will get the News, Entertainment & Music section at the top of the menu bar on Daily Motion.

To watch the highlights of a football match, go to the search section, type the name of the match, and then press the Enter key. Soon you will find the result of your search, and at the top of the menu bar you will find the Videos, Channels, Playlists and Topic section. You can choose anyone to enjoy the highlights of your missed football game.


GoalsArena is a great website that features the best game time from different leagues. However, you won’t be able to catch the highlights in HD quality, but it is watchable. So if you want to watch the highlights of your favorite soccer games without worrying about picture quality, then GoalsArena is for you.

The interface of GoalsArena is simple; the list of popular matches is provided in the top graphic. You have to click on the match you want to see, and further on you will be taken to another page where the video will start playing.

OK Goals

OKGoals is the most streamlined website that shows highlights from previous matches. In addition, this website also features the schedule of previous and upcoming matches.

At the top of the page you will find the list of leagues such as Portugal, England, Spain, Italy and many more. To watch your favorite league game click on it and soon you will get the match list, click on the video link to enjoy the essence of a soccer game.


ESPN is an online platform that gives you minute details on multiple sports such as football, cricket, NBA, rugby and many more. ESPN is entirely a sports website that features updates for each game and displays the schedules of upcoming games.

To watch the highlights of a football game, visit this website, navigate to the featured section, then click on the league. After that, another page will open which will present the list of matches related to this league. Now click on the video link and enjoy the moment of a match at your home.


The Reddit Soccer ban shocked many football fans as they lost their way to watching football highlights. But a big thank you to the Stream2Watch site which offers HQ videos of football matches. This website covers all major league games and also features upcoming game schedules. Stream2Watch lets you watch highlights from many sports such as football, cricket, NBA, NFL, tennis, golf, boxing, rugby, WWE and many more.

To watch the highlights of the football match, just land on the Stream2Watch site, scroll down the page and switch to the sports category. Here you will find the list of sports, click on football, and after that you will be taken to another page. Now enter the name of the soccer game in the search bar and hit the enter key, or alternatively, you can scroll down the page to watch the featured videos listed in the Upcoming section.

This was the best list of the best websites to watch the highlights of your missed football game. Now select the one that suits you and enjoy the moment that you missed.

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