Getting to Know Greg Grant of InstaGear Outdoor Rentals in St. Anthony

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1. Name, function and company: Greg Grant, owner of InstaGear Outdoor Rentals.

2. What does your business do and what are your responsibilities? InstaGear Outdoor Rentals helps people “venture better” by providing high quality outdoor gear rentals and glamping facilities. We have everything from kayaks and snowshoes to full camping / glamping facilities for rent with free shipping over $ 50. Since we are a small startup, I can wear several hats alongside my wife, McKenzie. We take care of day-to-day equipment rental and customer service as well as all administrative tasks including advertising, web design, sales, product purchasing and more!

3. Where were you born and when is your birthday (no need to indicate the year)? I was born in Rexburg on February 24.

4. How long have you lived in eastern Idaho and what city do you live in now? I have lived in eastern Idaho for 25 years and have just returned to St. Anthony after living in Kansas City for three years.

5. Tell us about your first job after high school / college. I worked as a Recreation Facilities Coordinator for Brigham Young University-Idaho while in college, then was able to help run a brand new recreation center just outside of Kansas City after the Graduation.

6. What’s the best business decision you’ve ever made? Go for it ! Sometimes it’s easy to tell yourself that you’re not ready yet or that you don’t have the capital, but you can start a business regardless of your current status. Just setting up InstaGear Outdoors has taught us so many lessons and it’s better to get there than not to start at all!

7. Tell us about your family. My wife McKenzie and I both grew up in eastern Idaho and over the past 10 years we’ve been blessed with four children: Hudson (8), Blakely (5), Ryker (3 ) and Easton (6 months). We love to recreate the outdoors and are excited to share these experiences with others through InstaGear.

8. Tell us about a movie or book that has inspired you the most in life. I have so many better books and movies. One of my favorite books, which is also a movie, is “Les Misérables”. To experience someone rising from the ashes and then sharing these blessings with others is truly inspiring.

9. Tell us about a lesson you learned from a mistake you made in your career / business. Learning from others and connecting with others is essential. Often times, it seems easier to do things on your own. This is not the case, as the emphasis on good relationships always stimulates both sides.

10. What goal do you hope to accomplish in the next 12 months? Our main goal this year is to create memorable experiences for individuals and families by providing them with quality outdoor equipment that makes their outdoor adventures even better! On top of that, we want to meet new people and create lasting friendships that will continue for years to come.

11. What advice would you give to someone who wants to do what you are doing? Focus on the customer / user experience. If you can create a positive and memorable experience from start to finish, you will be successful.

12. If you could start all over again, what would you do differently? I would start earlier! They always say the best time to start is today.

13. What is your favorite place to eat in eastern Idaho? Casa De Ochoa in Rexburg – great food every time!

14. Tell us something surprising about yourself. I’ve always wanted to start a business, but it took me over 10 years to find the courage to do it!

15. How do you like your potatoes? Twice baked is fine, but being born and raised in Idaho, I’ll take them any way I can.

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