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While Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 hasn’t even been officially announced yet, it’s hard not to think about the improvements a sequel could bring.

While the next Marvel’s Spider-Man game might still be a long way off, it’s still fun to think about what the sequel might include. With the first two games offering strong adventures for webslingers, players are eager to see what Insomniac does next with them. While some features can be expected, like new costume abilities and an option to switch between Miles and Peter, there are tons of other things a sequel could do to shake things up.

Apart from some exciting boss fights with Venom and Lizard in the next one Marvel’s Spider-Man, nothing else was teased for the sequel. However, it would be great to see him pull a special game mode from Spider-man 2. In addition, it could be inspired by the MCU to add two new features, both of which expand Spider-Man’s costumes in memorable ways. While this is pure speculation, the following features would be a lot of fun to see in a new Spidey game.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 survival mode

thousand moral struggles

A characteristic Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 can draw from the original Spider-man 2 is a mode of survival. In this game, players could fight waves of enemies in a warehouse, testing their skills with Spider-man 2‘s fight. A special boss battle with Calypso has also been hidden in Survival Mode, giving players access to a special encounter they would never have seen otherwise. If Insomniac wants to do the next one Marvel’s Spider-Man the game stands out, the integration of a Survival mode could contribute greatly.

In the other two Marvel’s Spider-Man games, there is little to do with a Peter Parker or Miles Morales to the max. While players can replay bases and complete random crimes, nothing really puts them to the test, as their version of the wall-crawler is superior to anything the game can throw at them. However, a survival mode could give players an end-game challenge for their Spider-Men, allowing them to use their gadgets and powers to the fullest. Insomniac could also take it a step further by adding a ranking system so that friends can compete against each other. If hidden bosses are also included, the mode could be as memorable as the warehouse of Spider-man 2. The 2004 version being considered one of the best Spider Man games never made, to be inspired by them would hardly be a bad thing.

Creating web wings and costumes in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

A characteristic that Marvel’s Spider-Man fans are calling to feature prominently in the comics and Spider-Man: Far From Home. Many are hoping to see Spider-Man’s web wings in the sequel, and with everything the Mechanic could add, it’s hard to argue with the idea. Gliding through New York could be a ton of fans, adding another layer to the already excellent traversal system seen in Marvel’s Spider-Man. If players can hover faster with more momentum from their swings, they could move faster than ever in the city.

Another feature inspired by the MCU just Spider-Man: No Path Home‘s Integrated combination. Rumor has it that the costume is made from some of the others MCU costumes, explaining the symbol of the golden spider on his chest. Whether this leak is accurate or not, Insomniac could make great use of such a concept in its upcoming Spider Man Game. While creating a full suit seems a bit far-fetched, something Insomniac could do is let players mix and match pieces of the game. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 disguises. If the game includes a good variety of outfits like the previous entries, players could come up with trendy outfits long after release.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is already about to match perfectly with Spider-Man: No Path Home, so it would make sense to adopt the film’s idea of ​​costume combinations. A natural fit for a video game, especially one with a powerful photo mode, it’s easy to imagine some of the possible pairings. Putting pieces of Miles ‘2099 suit with Miguel O’ Hara’s 2099 suit is one of the potential combos, while another would see the Scarlet Spider jacket thrown over something like the Spider-Punk outfit. Mixing and matching the different spider armor could be just as fun, especially if players can apply different colors to masks and costume pieces. While web wings would get Peter and Miles through New York faster, customization of costumes would allow them to move around in style.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is rumored to be in development.

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