Squarespace Launches A Bunch Of New Features For Ecommerce Sites


Web giant Squarespace has launched eight new updates to its portfolio in an effort to help customers improve the performance of their ecommerce platform.

New additions include physical products, digital content, courses, appointments and reservations as Squarespace strengthens its roster once again.

With a primary focus on small businesses, the website creator said the updates were inspired by the changing landscape and the challenges SMEs face after the pandemic.

“With more and more people thinking about creative ways to sell the things they are passionate about, and in the context of building new businesses over the past 18 months, we are striving to empower today’s entrepreneurs. that’s all they need to thrive in a seamless, integrated platform, ”Squarespace said in a blog post announcing the news.

What’s new with Squarespace

New features also include a video studio app for content creators to run videos to promote their business. This includes different models, an AI-powered voiceover feature, or the ability to record original voiceovers.

Squarespace is also launching video courses that were created to allow content creators to monetize their knowledge by creating a space for them to sell video courses in its membership areas.

Elsewhere, Etsy integration and Squarespace planning allow sellers to build their brand and create their own e-commerce store through the former, the latter allowing businesses to share availability directly on their sites.

There have also been new updates to Squarespace’s Unfold app focused on social media optimization, and a new web design tool to help businesses design their websites, including features like l background, automatic layouts, stylized headers and additional templates.

To top it off, Squarespace has also released a new brand consistency tool to promote consistency across brand websites.

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