Vivienne Westwood develops and launches products faster with PTC


Based on PTC’s FlexPML, Accenture helped Vivienne Westwood design and deploy a new PTC retail product lifecycle management platform to enable the company to develop and launch more new products. quickly.

Through PTC’s platform, data sources are integrated into product design and development processes to enable the business to understand where a product stands at each stage of its lifecycle. With the new retail solution in place, the global fashion company said in a statement that it plans to significantly improve and speed up its product development and sourcing processes.

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“Vivienne Westwood asked us to understand and quickly improve their way of working and to be flexible when it comes to changing the scope of the project,” said Alberto Codrino, Managing Director of Industry X at Accenture. “By working closely with their IT and sales teams, and with the support of the PTC team, we were able to help the brand quickly leverage data and digital to redefine the way they develop their products. “

Through its PTC platform, Viviene Westwood will have full visibility into design and development activities across all product categories. Additionally, the solution enables a more transparent and secure line of communication and collaboration for design and production processes both internally and with supply chain partners.

“The majority of our prototypes, samples and production items are outsourced, and we have a complex and heterogeneous supply chain to manage,” said Antony Calabrò, CIO at Vivienne Westwood. “We chose PTC FlexPLM for its supply chain and product development capabilities, its intuitive and highly visual user interface, as well as its information security and system stability. Accenture’s expertise and proven track record in the fashion industry and with PLM were instrumental in launching it and creating business value in a short period of time.

Notably, according to the company, these processes were previously performed manually, a time-consuming practice that was not supported by enterprise applications. And done manually, the company was open to duplicate data entry, poor collaboration with partners, and missed deadlines.

“We are proud to have been selected to help meet Vivienne Westwood’s requirements for user experience, security and performance, enabling them to achieve a rapid return on investment,” Bill Brewster, senior vice president and Managing Director of PTC’s Retail business unit. “We look forward to helping this iconic brand further optimize its digital product creation strategy and support its go-to-market operations. “

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